Jan Peter was born in 1968 in Merseburg, Saxony-Anhalt, in the former district of Halle. In the GDR Bitterfeld was infamous for its pollution but Merseburg, being home to the two largest chemical plants, Leuna and Buna, even outranked Bitterfeld. The two plants literally surrounded the ancient cathedral city and over the roofs of the new housing developments, the fighters of the Soviet pilots, stationed in Merseburg, practiced their low-altitude flights.

Jan Peter first attended the POS in Merseburg and after graduation he studied at EOS Ernst Haeckel, where at age 16 he founded the school band "Auf eigene Gefahr". Shortly thereafter he founded the legendary band “H-Milch aus Bagdad” together with Peter Liebe in Leipzig. The band existed until 1993. After graduating from EOS in 1987 Jan Peter moved to Leipzig, worked as a lingerie salesman, postman and as a male nurse in a psychiatric ward. He joined the initiative "Initiativgruppe Hoffnung Nikaragua” and got involved with the prayers for peace in the Nikolai Church Leipzig.

In the fall of 1989 Jan Peter joined the Neue Forum, became a member of the press group and head editor of the flyers of the Neue Forum, which were distributed at the Leipzig Monday demonstrations. From this group, the Leipziger Andere Zeitung (DAZ) emerged in January 1990.


At the age of 22 Peter was co-founder and editor in chief of DAZ and a year later co-founder and publisher of KREUZER, a city magazine that is still in existence. Until going out of business in April 1991, the DAZ was published 64 times. Jan Peter started as chief reporter for the Berlin weekly newspaper DIE ANDEREN, until this last newspaper of the civil movement went out of business in 1992.

In September 1993 Katja Herr, Yury Winterberg and Jan Peter co-founded the Leipzig film and television production company LE vision. In 1988, amongst others, this company produced the first Leipzig feature film after more than 70 years: "Over the Rainbow", with Jan Peter as a director.

Le Vision

In 2001 ZDF aired the TV series "The secret Inquisition". Yury Winterberg and Jan Peter gained world exclusive access to the secret archives of the Roman Inquisition and the then prefect of the Congregation in Rome, Joseph Ratzinger.

In the summer of 2008, Jan Peter sold the larger part of his shares in LE VISION and focused on his work as director and author. In February 2011 LE VISION ceased its activities, after almost twenty years as one of the most significant East German production companies.

Today, Peter produces his films in particular with companies such as LOOKS (Leipzig/Berlin), DOKFilm (Potsdam), and Gebrüder Beetz (Berlin/Hamburg). In addition, he works together with international partners on co-productions and in developing a number of projects.

Since 2006 Jan Peter has lived in Leipzig and Berlin.

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