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Within the next week this side will be closed and transfered to a new content. Jan Peter has founded a creative lab in Leipzig. This company FORTIS IMAGINATIO will become his new home as a director, author and producer. Thank you for your interest in this side and see you soon with new imaginations at!
January 2016

A myth in blue and white

A myth in blue and white

Mid-September the grand football oratorio celebrated its premiere in Gelsenkirchen. At a sold-out gala event at the Musiktheater im Revier (Music Theatre in the Ruhr) and one day later in front of almost 30,000 fans at the Veltins arena the show created a true goosebump feeling. With a libretto by Ulf Schmidt, music by Dieter Falk and Heribert Feckler as well as films and animations by Jan Peter the show continues to run at the renown music theatre in Gelsenkirchen.
September 2015

Honors for "14 – Diaries of the Great War“

Honors for '14 – Diaries of the Great War'

The 10-part documentary drama series „14“ could equally convince audiences and juries at numerous festivals worldwide. In Germany „14“ won the renown Robert Geisendoerfer Award and was nominated for the German Television Award. in the USA it received the Platinum Award at the Houston Independent Film Festival and the World Gold Medal at the New York Festivals. In Canada the team of „14" was nominated for the Rockie Award at the Banff Festival and in Paris for the German-French Journalism Award. Furthermore „14“ was shown at festivals and screenings all over the world, including Istanbul, Peking, Kampala, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Moscow.
August 2015

Do you know the Myth? II

Do you know the Myth?

In Gelsenkirchen startet the filming for the great video installation celebrating the 111th birthday of the legendary German soccer club Schalke 04. Jan Peter directs this project, produced by the Dresden based AVANGA in co-operation with the local Musiktheater im Revier. The show with 100 minutes of music and film will take place at the 11th of september in the Veltins Arena Gelsenkirchen. The actress Anna Thalbach will lead the audience through 111 years of Schalkes history.
June 2015

Do you know the Myth?

Kennst du den Mythos?

That is the title of the spectacular 111th. birthday show for the legendary German soccer club Schalke 04. The show will be performed in front of 50.000 people at the Gelsenkirchen Veltlins-Arena on the 11th of September 2015. Jan Peter will be the director for the visual aspects of this event.
December 2014

The PONTIFEX FILES are in production

PONTIFEX FILES - Cold War and the Vaticans

The two part documentary "PONTIFEX FILES - Cold War and the Vaticans" is currently shot in Italy, Poland, Germany and the US. Director Jan Peter is realizing this project for DOKFilm Babelsberg, TV Partners are ARTE, the first German channel ARD, Austrian ORF and Polands TVP. The show will premiere in late spring next year.
October 2014



On 2nd August 2014, the British version of "14 Diaries" began on BBC2, In the UK, the series consists of three one-hour episodes, under the title "Great War Diaries". The episodes are entirely made up of drama and are broadcast on Saturday evenings - maintaining the revolutionary multi-lingual nature of the series, and all original languages.

August 2014

And so it begins… 14 on TV

14 on TV

Episodes 1 and 2 of the documentary drama series “14 Diaries of the Great War” will be broadcasted at 8.15pm on 29th April 2014 on ARTE in Germany and France. The subsequent episodes will be shown on the following Tuesdays (on the 6th and 13th May) at 8.15pm.
At the end of May the four-part version will be broadcasted by ARD - two episodes on both the 28th and the 29th May, at 9.45 pm.
The elaborate series will also begin to be shown internationally. Among other locations, versions will be broadcasted in Austria, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands.
April 2014

Premieres for 14

Filmplakat -

March 2014 will be the month for the first public screenings of "14 diaries of the great war", the docu-fiction series by Jan Peter. After a big party in the french embassy in Berlin at the 6th of the month there will be one week later a screening in Strasbourg, organized by ARTE and the European Parliament. Finally there is the official french premiere at the 17th of March in Paris. The Bibliothèque nationale de France will host this event.
March 2014

“14” in 2014 and in Biarritz

14 Diaries of the Great War - Trailer

The first trailer for the eight-part television series “14 Diaries of the Great War” is now online. Meanwhile, the director Jan Peter will present his work at the renowned FIPA Festival in Biarritz, in southern France, to which the series has been invited.
January 2014

The first episode of „14“ has been launched

Frankfurt Bookfair

On the 13th of October ARTE presented its new documentary Dramaseries „14 Diaries of the Great War“ at the Frankfurt Bookfair. Writer and Director Jan Peter together with Oliver Janz, the author of the tie-in book, spoke about the unique multinational angel of this ambitious project.
Oktober 2013

The first episode of „14“ has been launched

Sunflowers in Strasbourg

In mid-September the team around executive producer Gunnar Dedio and Director Jan Peter presented the first episode of the eight-part docudrama series „14“ to ARTE in Strasbourg. ARTE France and ARTE Germany were both equally enthusiastic about their first impressions of the German-French-Canadian co-production. It is due to be broadcast from March 2014.
September 2013

14 - The Adventure Continues


After 32 intense days of shooting in France, Director/Screenwriter Jan Peter and his team are travelling to the Canadian Province of Québec, where two and a half weeks of shooting in trenches will take place. The elaborate international series, "14 - Diaries of the Great War“ will then enter a six-month post-production phase in Leipzig and Berlin.
Juli 2013

Beginning of shooting for FOURTEEN


On the 13th May, the first slate board was clapped in the Château of Freoschwiller, to the north of Strasbourg, for the 8-part docu-drama series "14 - Diaries of the Great War". Over the course of the next roughly 50 days of shooting, the fate of fourteen children, women and men during the years 1914-1918 will be re-told. Jan Peter is directing this complex and multilingual co-production between Germany, France and Canada.
May 2013



Barely two weeks before shooting is to begin on the eight-part documentary film series, "14-Diaries of the Great War", its international cast has been almost completely assembled. From the 13th May, 108 actresses and actors from seven different countries will stand in front of the camera, under the direction of Jan Peter. Shooting will begin in the French town of Strasbourg.
May 2013

Location Scouting for Project 14


Since February of this year 2013, the hunt has been on for locations in which to shoot the fiction scenes of the eight-part documentary-drama series "14 - Diaries of the Great War". Director Jan Peter and Director of Photography, Jürgen Rehberg, accompanied by their team, are at work in Strasbourg in Alsace, and will later be in the Canadian Province of Quebec. The filming, which will begin on the 13th May, will take place over 45 days and in over 40 different locations. March 2013.
March 2013

New Trailer for international Co-Production ONLINE

Trailer - 14

For the german-french-british-austrian Coproduction "14 - The Diaries of the Great War" was a new trailer shown at MIPCom in Cannes. The shooting starts in March 2013 and will be directed by Jan Peter. The series will be produced by LOOKS Germany and Les Films d'Ici France.
October 2012

JP now with Blog and on Twitter

A Blog about his work is now available on this site. You can also follow the author and director on twitter: @JPINLE.
August 2012

Kinder des Ostens (Children of the East) on TV

Kinder des Ostens - Logo

As of March 20th 2012 the "Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk" will broadcast the new animated documentary series "Kinder des Ostens".  The three episodes deal with the topics of parents, school and leisure time. They will also be broadcast on RBB in May 2012. The project is intended to have extensive exposure on the internet and a DVD release in the future.
February 2012

Grand FRIEDRICH Opening Night

Friedrich Filmplakat

On December the 7th 2011 the 90 minute film "FRIEDRICH - Ein deutscher König" had its dazzling premiere in the "Theater des Neuen Palais" in Sanssouci park. In the auditorium, built by Frederick the Great himself, numerous guests of honour such as Katharina and Anna Thalbach were invited and celebrated the unusual documentary drama about the Prussian King.  The film was also shown a week later for the first time in Leipzig - shortly before the film was broadcast on Arte on January the 7th 2012 and on January the 16th 2012, also on "Das Erste".
December 2011

Sequel - Als wir Kinder waren (When we were children)

Als wird Kinder waren

After the great success (14.8% MA) of the animated documentary "Als wir Kinder waren", aired last December on MDR-TV, the project will be continued. Three new episodes of the documentary series will be created under the direction of Jan Peter until March 2012.
November 2011

Friedrich – A German King

Am Set v.l. Autor Yury Winterberg und Regisseur Jan Peter

On the 6th of September 2012, after filming was completed on the last day with Anna and Katharina Thalbach in Castle Sanssouci, a press conference was held in the room of the hypochondriac Marquis D'Argens in the "Neue Palais".  After an equally enchanting and exhausting shooting came to an end, the press enquired about the feminine side of FRITZ. The 90 minute film was broadcast on January the 7th 2012, on ARTE and a few days later on "Das Erste".
September 2011

Friedrich – The continuation

Regisseur Jan Peter umgeben von Preußen

On the 20th of June 2011, the shooting of the ARD/ARTE 90 minute film FRIEDRICH begins with Anna Thalbach as the young King Frederick II of Prussia. Katharina Thalbach plays the role of „Old Fritz“ in front of Jürgen Rehberg’s camera for two weeks - in addition to Prussian soldiers, court ladies, calvinistic priests and children adjutants. The film was broadcast on ARTE during Christmas and in January 2012 on ARD.
June 2011

Friedrich – A German King


On April the 13th 2011 the filming of the 90 minute documentary drama "Friedrich - Ein deutscher König" began in Saxony-Anhalt under the direction of Jan Peter. Katharina Thalbach portrays the Prussian king Frederick the Great. The film was broadcast in January 2012 on ARTE, just in time for the 300th birthday of Sanssoucci's creator.
April 2011

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